Lightweight horsebox: ‘Impossible?’

Primero: ‘Unique, distinctive and created on Dutch ground!’ Read more about it in our blog.

Primero, unique in it’s kind!


rimero, the new brand regarding horse transport. A horsebox suitable for the transport of two horses! Primero offers a solution for all issues of the past years regarding horse transportation. Namely: ‘How can you legally transport two horses without exceeding the weight limit? Safe and insured transport? Even with a standard driver’s license?’. Primero is the answer. Unique in it’s kind. Not only the horsebox by itself is unique. The horse is centrally positioned with any development of Primero. This is reflected in its design, qualities and specifications of the horsebox!

Safe and insured transport

Distinctive character

Primero’s horsebox has made its entrance as a lightweight horse transport vehicle. The use of lightweight composite material offers unprecedented positive incidentals. So two horses can be transported, including the driver, without exceeding the maximum weight limit. Both horse and driver’s safety will increase. Beyond that only a standard driver license is necessary. Primero provides ultimate driving comfort, safety and convenience. The horse, our muse! Thé inspiration for the Primero’s distinctive horsebox!

Primero, innovation and technology on Dutch ground
Passion, technology and innovation come together in the Primero horsebox. At this time thé suitable vehicle for transporting two horses. Primero’s horse box. Lightweight, Insured, Safe, Standard driving License. Sounds almost impossible. However, the designers and manufacturers of Primero Composites made it possible. And all of this on Dutch ground!

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